Erin M. Karr is a self-taught ceramic artist who lives and creates in Venice Beach, California. Inspired by the artistic community around her, she began throwing clay as a hobby and practice of moving meditation. Within a year, she left her job to work with clay full time and began creating new works and forms at studio in the infamous Venice Art Block.

All of Erin’s pieces are one of a kind and are hand-built or thrown by wheel, glazed, and fired in Venice. Influenced by earthly elements, nature, and organic shapes, each of Erin’s pieces are utilitarian and multifunctional, while embracing the imperfections that make them unique. To Erin, these imperfections are an expression of the intention and energy put into her art; they serve as a mirror for her and her life. She is motivated knowing that her pieces will outlive her, and go on to play a part in the experiences and energetic exchanges of other people.